Strategies and Solutions

Discuss your clients' overall philanthropic goals to define their objectives. 

Research has shown that clients are not only open to discussing philanthropy with their advisors, they are hoping you will start the conversation. Not sure what your client thinks about giving? Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

Where would they like their gift to have an impact? 

How involved do they want to be in the grantmaking process? 

Do they want to involve the whole family?

How much can they afford to give? 

What kind of tax benefits are they seeking? 

Do they want to give an outright gift now or a planned gift or both? 

What assets will they use to establish their fund?

Determine the type of fund and structure that best suits their needs.

Select a name for their fund and complete a new fund agreement.  If a fund that meets their needs already exists, they may simply contribute to that fund without completing an agreement and creating a new fund.  This may be a good option for clients who wish to remain anonymous or who may not be able to meet a minimum dollar amount to begin a new fund.

Once they make their gift, their new fund will be established or the amount will be added to the fund they have designated.  The Coastal Georgia Foundation takes responsibility for tax reporting, check writing, and all other fund and grant administration.  Your client will receive a quarterly fund statement and, in the case of a Donor Advised Fund, may make recommendations for grants to the Foundation at any time.

Our staff is here with comprehensive assistance at any point along the way.  It is our pleasure to work with you and your clients to facilitate their giving.  Please contact us at any time for more information.


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