We believe that the well-being of each person is connected to that of every other person. Effective philanthropy can add immeasurably by enriching us all.

Giving generously, intelligently and strategically enables you to share your resources, communicate your values, perpetuate the work of institutions and organizations that have touched your life and leave your mark, your thumbprint on the future.

Yet giving intelligently isn’t always easy. Multiple charities vie regularly for your support of special causes and annual fundraisers, while charitable giving laws have become complex. Effective philanthropy has become more difficult and challenging.

The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation builds its resources through an exceptionally broad cross-section of the public in supporting community needs. As our regional area evolves with new challenges, the Foundation, in partnership with its donors’ wishes, is poised to respond to those changes.

The Foundation’s primary assets come from a collection of permanent funds donated by area residents, families, businesses and organizations who desire to provide long-term support for their communities and their causes.

These funds, managed by investment professionals, are pooled and invested together to generate sustained resources.

Whether you wish to continue to support a charitable entity that you have been involved with for years, or would like to learn about new programs and initiatives that are making a real difference in our communities, the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation is here to serve you, your passions and your vision.

The Foundation seeks an enlightened, informed and enthusiastic partnership with our donors and the future we see and shape together.

Through administrative support, guidance, investment management, innovative thinking and intensive community knowledge, we open the door to inspired, effective and impactful philanthropy.