Common Questions

Why is the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation a better way to accomplish my philanthropic and charitable-giving goals?

There are three main benefits to partnering with the Foundation:

1) Service: The Foundation staff works intimately with all donors in providing highly personalized and goal-sensitive attention. Let us know your wishes and leave the paperwork
to us. If you are interested in learning more about grantmaking with an impact, we have a deep knowledge of community needs and organizational capabilities. Our job is to make it easy for you to engage in successful, strategic and personally rewarding philanthropy.
2) Cost Effectiveness: For the donor, fund administration is simple and efficient. Our fees and earnings are comparable to those of financial institutions with the added benefits of maximum tax advantage and tangible community engagement.
3) Fund Management and Performance: The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation will manage all financial aspects of your fund, including contributions, distributions, regular financial statements and an annual independent audit. We are supported by seasoned foundation financial
management professionals and we work with nationally known investment advisors. Fundholders have a role in selecting their investment preferences and, in certain instances, may select their own investment advisors.

When is a good time to establish a fund with the Coastal Georgia Foundation?

Community needs are constant, yet donor funding desires are based on many variables that affect timing. Foundation donors have typically elected to establish a fund based on such factors as their age and income, a desire to establish a family legacy, the sale of appreciated assets, or
other financially or tax-based inducements for themselves or their heirs. We invite you to begin a confidential conversation with us to explore how best to match up your financial plans with your immediate and long-term philanthropic goals. 

Is there a minimum giving level?

The Foundation accepts gifts at any level throughout the year. A named, Donor Advised Fund can be established with as little as $10,000. And, donors can add to their fund balances gradually, over time, or at any point it helps them achieve their financial and philanthropic goals.

What are the tax benefits?

Gifts to the Foundation are 100%tax deductible at the time given, offering the maximum tax advantage allowed by Federal tax regulations. In fact, you may be entitled to a greater tax deduction for your Foundation fund contribution than for the same gift to a private foundation. We provide donors with the tax documentation needed for reporting to the IRS. Donors need not collect receipt letters from charities for grants made from their funds.

What types of assets can I use to establish a fund and add to it later?

There are many options available to you in establishing a fund, including cash, publically-traded securities, closely held stocks, insurance policies, property and retirement plans.

I can’t afford to part with assets or income right now. Are there funding options for me?

Yes. Through deferred giving options (charitable remainder trusts, annuity trusts, gift annuities and life insurance) you can create a fund that meets your future philanthropic goals while receiving immediate tax benefits. You can also make a bequest to establish a fund through
your will.

I want to establish a fund, but don’t have the time or skills to management it. What now?

 Once a fund is established, the Foundation takes care of everything. From professional investment management of funds, to the detailed record-keeping and reporting that keeps donors fully informed of grants made, investment performance and more, we serve as a single-source for
comprehensive fund stewardship. Free of any administrative duties on your part, the causes you care about are supported. In short, you enjoy the “halo without the hassles.”

Can my fund support charities and causes that are located outside the local area?

Yes. There are no geographical restrictions on where donors may choose to direct their gifts. From charities in your distant hometown to financial support of your college alma mater, the Foundation can help you give to causes regardless of their location.

How are grants determined and made?

The Foundation constantly researches and evaluates community needs – both expected and emerging – while managing an annual competitive grant cycle. Donor advised fundholders may contact us anytime to recommend grants to any number or type of charitable causes. To make a grant recommendation, a donor completes a simple form provided by the Foundation. We check the non-profit status of the organization and send the grant check and a transmittal letter to the organization. Other donors, through unrestricted or field of interest funds, look to the Foundation to make grant decisions based on demonstrated community needs.

May I recommend multi-year grants from my fund?

Yes. At the time of your grant recommendation, you may indicate that the grants are to be made in increments. The Foundation will administer the grant schedule accordingly.

Can I choose to remain anonymous with the grants made from my fund?

Yes. A donor’s desire for anonymity, whether at the time of establishment of the fund or on a gift-by gift basis, is strictly honored.

There are many ways to give. How do I decide on what’s best for me?

The Foundation recommends that you consult with your professional financial, tax or estate planning advisor. We can assist with that conversation. Supporting that counsel is the Foundation’s ability to, in turn, design and manage funds that serve the causes you desire.

What are some examples of charities and causes supported by Foundation donors?

Over the years, the grants made by the Foundation have spanned support for an exceptionally broad diversity of worthy charitable causes across our coastal region and beyond.
Through both one-time grants, unrestricted funds and endowments, these have included: health and human services, crisis centers, early childhood literacy, adult counseling, education initiatives, workforce development, scholarship funds, youth services, arts and culture, animal welfare services and many more causes that are having a positive impact on the lives of area citizens. These, along with the grants from numerous donor advised funds to other causes reflect the Foundation’s mission to meet a community’s needs and our donors’ desire to give back. For the latest information on the Foundation’s financial status and grantmaking, contact our offices
or visit

I’m ready to get started. How do I make a gift or establish my fund?

The Foundation makes philanthropy an easy and fulfilling processing. Here are the basic steps:
Step One: Contact the Foundation to set-up an initial consultation to discuss your philanthropic goals. We will listen carefully to your wishes and needs and make recommendations for a fund design or giving strategy that is highly personal. If you wish, we also are happy to meet with your attorney, tax professional and/or financial advisor.

Step Two: You determine the type and amount of assets that will comprise your initial gift or fund. Grants will be made according to fund design and structure.

Step Three: If establishing a fund, the Foundation will draft and submit to you an agreement reflecting its name and structure. Simply sign the agreement and return it to the Foundation.

Step Four: The Foundation signs and accepts the agreement with a fully executed copy returned to you for your records. For all gifts, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you for tax purposes.

Step Five: If you wish, the Foundation will set up a donor orientation session. This meeting will confirm your fund plan, review its structure and provide you with additional Foundation services that can accommodate your current and future philanthropic goals. When you desire, the Foundation will engage your family as well.

We welcome your specific questions.

Philanthropy is the art of matching answers that come from funding to questions that come from real needs. The Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation invites you to contact us for a personal Q&A session, at or 912.268.4442.